Potatoes and the Promise of More Potatoes

The Antonine Wall - Scottish CanalsA wall is defined as “a structural element used to divide or enclose”. Like when your brother-in-law tried to put up sheet-rock in your basement and your family was divided between those who wanted to not pay him and those who wanted to put him into rehab…

Only on rare occasions are partition walls load-bearing. How can you tell if it is? Slide the walls back and wait for the floor above to come to you.

The word “wall” originally only referred to defensive walls; i.e. walls built to slow the attack of an enemy… unless your brother-in-law built it. In that case, the enemy might not have even noticed the wall.

A firewall is a wall that burns slower than the other walls of a building so allow the occupants time to get out or to save that baseball you own that was autographed by a…

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