Happy New Year! New Art and Stuff

First thing, I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends here!

I took some time to enjoy the holidays, reflected on the previous year’s accomplishments (and failures) and am now starting to get the ball rolling again for 2023.

I have some exciting projects and collaborations coming up that I will reveal when the time is just right. Until then, take a look at my latest YouTube time lapse pencil drawing:

Bity Bag Head. Very clever name for this monster, no?

My hopes with these types of videos is to both inspire you to draw something yourself and offer a few minutes of relaxing, meditative viewing somewhat similar to what I experience as I let my pencil and mind flow freely.

I will try to not neglect my YouTube channel so much this upcoming year. Let me know what you’d like to see, whether it’s drawing or painting tutorials, animation, music or whatever!

I’m happy to announce that Batboy & the Art of Self-Sabotage and Getting Nowhere Fast: Another Batboy Comic Collection are both available in e-book format. Also both are available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Finally, here are the last two drawings I did in 2022 and the first drawing of 2023:

Now it’s time to go think about 2023’s To-Do List.

What will we accomplish this year?


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