Batboy and the Art of Self-Sabotage

Batboy and the Art of Self-Sabotage is my second book, available now on Amazon!

From his humble beginnings as a random anxiety doodle, Batboy has grown into a model of awkwardness and an overthinker of immense dedication.

He is an uneasy nocturnal creature, ill suited for the modern world, his day job, and public displays of sweatpants.

This collection contains the first fifty (or so) installments of the Batboy comic, originally released into the void of the internet from February through December 2021.

I think you’ll really enjoy all of Batboy’s pickles and shenanigans!

But don’t just take my word for it, take a look at some of the amazing reviews we’ve received:

“Batboy is all of us. Self-sabotage and all. Lovely artwork and color, with a unique voice. There’s even callouts to Gorey! And as a bonus there is a sketchbook of Batboy at the end. I loved it.”

– Andrew Bellware

“M.R. Kessell has done it again! Within these pages lies a lovable and tragic representation of self-induced deprecation named Batboy.

Whenever you triple-guess whether your creative endeavors are worth a heck, Batboy is there. When you try to want to try to fit in and be accepted, but ultimately don’t bother? Batboy is there. When you realize that YOU are the only reason you’re not doing that thing you want to do? Batboy is there. We are Batboy. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself, but Kessell has created a series that’s heartfelt, comedic, and at many times painfully relatable.

This book has given us only a glimpse at the true versatility of his artistic talent. From homages to The Far Side, and Edward Gorey (perfectly executed, I must add), M.R. Kessell is someone to keep your eye on.”

– Peter Hammarberg

And if all of that above wasn’t enough to convince you to buy this book, take a look at my low budget infomercial below.


For my first-ever book, take a look at my books page.

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