It Came from the Basement book cover depicting tentacled monster emerging from basement door.

It Came from the Basement is an inky, illustrated homage to monster movies, intended for monster kids of all ages.

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Take a look at a few sample pages below.

The SHORT Story Behind the Book

This is my first book and it came to life in October 2017, when I posted a creepy rhyme and an accompanying illustration each day of the month.

It was a challenge creating a new pen and ink illustration each day, and totally exhausting.

After sleeping through the following November, I decided to compile the thirty-one installments into a book. A few months of research followed and a bit of desktop publishing.

I learned quite a bit.

By Spring I had completed my first book. It was a completely independent, self-published effort.

Hopefully it won’t be my last book.

Tentacle monster kid drawing a scary human.
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Monster