Meet Batboy This Weekend!

Just two days to go!

Come by and say hi to Batboy (and me) at East Side Mags in Montclair on Saturday May 13th!


Bask in the glow of Batboy’s awkwardness and chat with us about your favorite comics, monsters, and junk foods.

All Batboy books will be available, plus an assortment of other goodies, like prints, pins, and stickers.


Batboy and the Art of Self-Sabotage book by M. R. Kessell used comically to chop a carrot

You must provide your own vegetables though.



Cover image for the free Batboy comic "Neverything Nowhere All at the Same Time" written by Peter Hammarberg and illustrated by M. R. Kessell. Showing Batboy hitchiking on the roadside with a sign that reads "Existential Clarity or Bust...Probably bust."



I’ve been collaborating with my friend, the impressive wordsmith, Peter Hammarberg for a few weeks now on an all new Batboy mini comic.

Neverything Nowhere All at the Same Time

He wrote the words, I squiggled the doodles. 

As usual there are some bonus materials jammed in there, I think you’re gonna enjoy it.

To get the free comic, one must face three arduous trials by the glow of the waxing gibbous Moon adjacent to the Cave of the Crepuscular Hermit Wizard known to some as “Larry.”

Or just go to this link and SUBSCRIBE TO MY MAILING LIST! 

I will periodically announce events, send updates, and give you more exclusive bonus stuff.

I’ve set up the mailing list just in case any of these social media platforms go down, we can still keep in touch.

Just a heads up, this mailing list is separate from my blog, in case you’re subscribed to my blog via email.

Please let us know what you think of our little experiment! Leave a comment!

Thanks you guys, talk to you soon!

Happy New Year! New Art and Stuff

First thing, I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends here!

I took some time to enjoy the holidays, reflected on the previous year’s accomplishments (and failures) and am now starting to get the ball rolling again for 2023.

I have some exciting projects and collaborations coming up that I will reveal when the time is just right. Until then, take a look at my latest YouTube time lapse pencil drawing:

Bity Bag Head. Very clever name for this monster, no?

My hopes with these types of videos is to both inspire you to draw something yourself and offer a few minutes of relaxing, meditative viewing somewhat similar to what I experience as I let my pencil and mind flow freely.

I will try to not neglect my YouTube channel so much this upcoming year. Let me know what you’d like to see, whether it’s drawing or painting tutorials, animation, music or whatever!

I’m happy to announce that Batboy & the Art of Self-Sabotage and Getting Nowhere Fast: Another Batboy Comic Collection are both available in e-book format. Also both are available for FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Finally, here are the last two drawings I did in 2022 and the first drawing of 2023:

Now it’s time to go think about 2023’s To-Do List.

What will we accomplish this year?

Batboy Is Going Places?

Despite the fact that his latest book is titled: Getting Nowhere Fast, Batboy is still trying to flap those wings, move those little yellow shoes, and actually get somewhere.

Getting Nowhere Fast: Another Batboy Comic Collection by M. R. Kessell Book Cover showing Batboy sweating as he pedals a stationary bike with a dill pickle hanging in front of him as motivation

I just wanted to do a quick roundup of some Batboy-related news.

Firstly, I’m excited to announce that Batboy is listed over on Indie Comics Zone, a great resource for those who are interested in independent comics. Head over and peruse the many creators featured there.

If you find yourself in the North Jersey area and are in need of comics and collectibles, please stop in at East Side Mags in Montclair. You’ll be able to find the first two Batboy books there.

In addition to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, I am now on Reddit where I hope to share new Batboy comics in the near future.

And as the first copies of Getting Nowhere Fast: Another Batboy Comic Collection start landing in the hands of friends, family and fans, I want to say thank you all!

Getting Nowhere Fast: Another Batboy Comic Collection

Getting Nowhere Fast: Another Batboy Comic Collection by M. R. Kessell Book Cover showing Batboy sweating as he pedals a stationary bike with a dill pickle hanging in front of him as motivation

Batboy is back! In comic form!

I’m very excited to share this with you, it’s the second printed collection of Batboy Comics! Available now on Amazon.

Here’s the description from Amazon:

Batboy doesn’t know when to stop. He’s still flapping those anxious wings, drinking from the cup of pessimism, and wearing the sweatpants of awkwardness.

This collection comprises the second year of Batboy comics, originally released into the void of the internet from January through October 2022.

Also contained herein are brand new, never-before-seen panels,
some extra goodies, and the short horror story Death Creeps on Paws of Plush!

Batboy is an indie comic, which originated at the height of stress and anxiety in the year 2021. Batboy deals with everyday issues, mental health and self-improvement with wit, humor, and goofiness. For fans of classic Sunday funnies or underground comix, Batboy is everyone and is for everyone.

But don’t just take my word for it, below are a few reviews for the previous Batboy collection:

“Batboy is all of us. Self-sabotage and all. Lovely artwork and color, with a unique voice. There’s even callouts to Gorey! And as a bonus there is a sketchbook of Batboy at the end. I loved it.”

– Andrew Bellware

“M.R. Kessell has done it again! Within these pages lies a lovable and tragic representation of self-induced deprecation named Batboy.”

– Peter Hammarberg

“I absolutely ADORE Batboy and anxiously anticipate his next moves.”

– Katherine Kessell

“The next great Sunday comic character is Batboy!”

– Shawn Flanagan


Please visit my books page for the previous Batboy publications!

Highland Park Comic-Con!

Highland Park Comic-Con

Hey everybody! I will be appearing at the Highland Park Comic-Con this Saturday December 3rd! It’s all ages and FREE ENTRY! See you there at Pino’s, 13 N 4th Ave, Highland Park, NJ!

Stop by if you need any holiday gifts for the comic lovers in your life. I will have my usual assortment of Batboy books and zines, plus prints, pins and stickers!

If you can’t make it, why not check out my BOOKS page and my online STORE page for those last-minute weird gifts.

Plus I’ve got something BIG in the works, and as you can see below, Batboy is sweating!

rough sketch of Batboy face closeup sweating as if riding a bike

I hope to reveal more soon about this project, so stay tuned! As usual you can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Slasher!


Horror Sideshow Market banner for October 15th, 2022 in Allentown PA

Hey everybody! Just wanted to give you a heads up, I will be vending at the Horror Sideshow Market this coming Saturday, October 15th! It will be held outdoors at the Allentown Lehigh Valley Delta Hotel by Marriot.

If you’re a fan of the 1988 cult film Night of the Demons you won’t want to miss this event, some of the cast will be in attendance!

M. R. Kessell's vendor display of paintings, prints, books, and his life-sized Batboy costume at the September 2022 Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

Just look for the life-sized Batboy and/or the GIANT Pumpkinspice banner! I will have my usual assortment of books, prints, stickers, pins, plus some new paintings.

Additionally, I will have my latest zine Downhill From Here: A Low Budget Batboy Adventure on hand for your perusal. These are a limited printing, all copies are signed and numbered. You can purchase them also online if you click here.

I will see you there!


Rare behind-the-scenes photo of Alfred Hitchcock reading Downhill From Here: A low Budget Batboy adventure
Rare behind-the-scenes photo of Alfred Hitchcock reading Downhill From Here: A low Budget Batboy adventure

Recently dug up from the archives, this rare photo shows Alfred Hitchcock learning a thing or two about suspense and humor from that classic comic zine Downhill From Here: A Low Budget Batboy Adventure.

Just kidding, this is what I like to call movie magic! Seriously, though, Alfred Hitchcock has read my new zine, why don’t you head over to my new online shop and get a signed and numbered copy. This is the first printing of 100, it may be the last!

In other news, it is finally October! The month when all of us weirdo monster kids get to shine! What are you doing for Halloween? What’s your costume gonna be? Any Fall plans?

In addition to his latest zine adventure, Batboy is being plagued by some demonic stuffed animals that have moved into his house. Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for this creepy, yet funny, storyline.

Batboy looks worried when he stumbles upon a gang of creepy stuffed animals hogging his bed.

The caption reads: "He didn't know where they had come from or why they were there. The only thing Batboy knew for certain: It was their bed now."



It’s so simple! Just one easy step! CLICK HERE to head on over to my new shop and get yourself this beautiful 2″ enamel pin!

Batboy two inch enamel pin

Text Reads: "Take it from Batboy: Complaining is a very rewarding hobby"

Displaying this pin anywhere confirms your membership in the Batboy complainers club! When you receive your pin, you will find the COMPLAINT FORM on the back, please fill it out and post it wherever you get your social media!


Stay tuned for more updates, I might have some last-minute show announcements in the coming weeks for all my New Jersey and Pennsylvania folks out there.

Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market Back Ta School Jam!

Hey there, friends! In just over a week I will be back in my homeland of New Jersey with a table at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market’s Back Ta School Jam!

I have a number of new items, but the one I’m most excited to share is my new comic zine adventure featuring Batboy and his squirrel friend Merle! As you can tell from the cover below, Batboy is not very happy about leaving his zone of comfort.

Cover Image of Downhill From Here: A Low Budget Batboy Adventure - Issue 1
by M. R. Kessell
Downhill From Here: A Low Budget Batboy Adventure Issue 1

I addition to my books, I will have a handful of new stickers available. One design in particular would make the perfect gift for those horror-loving bookworms in your life! READ AND READ UNTIL YOUR EYES BLEED!

stickers designed by M. R. Kessell including Brain in a jar and a candy corn kaiju known as cornzilla
Come for the zine, stick around for the stickers!



And if all of that wasn’t enough for you, there will be celebrity guests! Holy crap!

Cooper Andrews from The Walking Dead, John O’Hurley from Seinfeld, and Brian O’Halloran from Clerks are just a few that have been announced so far.

If you won’t come out for me, please do it for the celebrities.

Batboy waiting for the NYC subway in Brooklyn

Even though he doesn’t consider himself a celebrity, Batboy will be available all day long for photo ops and autographs. Come by and snap a selfie! Just don’t ask him to smile.

Anyway, I hope to see you all in Edison, NJ on September 10th!