Cover image for the free Batboy comic "Neverything Nowhere All at the Same Time" written by Peter Hammarberg and illustrated by M. R. Kessell. Showing Batboy hitchiking on the roadside with a sign that reads "Existential Clarity or Bust...Probably bust."



I’ve been collaborating with my friend, the impressive wordsmith, Peter Hammarberg for a few weeks now on an all new Batboy mini comic.

Neverything Nowhere All at the Same Time

He wrote the words, I squiggled the doodles. 

As usual there are some bonus materials jammed in there, I think you’re gonna enjoy it.

To get the free comic, one must face three arduous trials by the glow of the waxing gibbous Moon adjacent to the Cave of the Crepuscular Hermit Wizard known to some as “Larry.”

Or just go to this link and SUBSCRIBE TO MY MAILING LIST! 

I will periodically announce events, send updates, and give you more exclusive bonus stuff.

I’ve set up the mailing list just in case any of these social media platforms go down, we can still keep in touch.

Just a heads up, this mailing list is separate from my blog, in case you’re subscribed to my blog via email.

Please let us know what you think of our little experiment! Leave a comment!

Thanks you guys, talk to you soon!


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