Batboy Is Going Places?

Despite the fact that his latest book is titled: Getting Nowhere Fast, Batboy is still trying to flap those wings, move those little yellow shoes, and actually get somewhere.

Getting Nowhere Fast: Another Batboy Comic Collection by M. R. Kessell Book Cover showing Batboy sweating as he pedals a stationary bike with a dill pickle hanging in front of him as motivation

I just wanted to do a quick roundup of some Batboy-related news.

Firstly, I’m excited to announce that Batboy is listed over on Indie Comics Zone, a great resource for those who are interested in independent comics. Head over and peruse the many creators featured there.

If you find yourself in the North Jersey area and are in need of comics and collectibles, please stop in at East Side Mags in Montclair. You’ll be able to find the first two Batboy books there.

In addition to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, I am now on Reddit where I hope to share new Batboy comics in the near future.

And as the first copies of Getting Nowhere Fast: Another Batboy Comic Collection start landing in the hands of friends, family and fans, I want to say thank you all!


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