Getting Started With Midjourney AI

I have been very interested in experimenting with AI-generated art for the past few months. I am an illustrator and a mixed media artist and I was wondering how these tools can be used to expand on what I do already.

Earlier this year, I began dabbling with the DALL-E Mini image generator. I had a lot of fun giving ridiculous prompts to it and seeing the results. One of my favorites was “Van Gogh Nosferatu.” You can see the results below.

As you can see, the generator got the right idea, the only disappointing thing was the low quality resolution of the images. The novelty wore off and I took a break from AI-generated art. That is until I heard about Midjourney AI.

A friend sent me images he created and my mind was blown at the high resolution and the level of detail that was achievable.

This knocked my socks off!


First, you will need to sign up for a Discord account.

Second, create an account at Midjourney.

Third, you will need to go to their official discord server, accept the terms of service and select one of the newbies channels from the sidebar.

Once in the channel you will give prompts to the Midjourney Bot. To do this you will need to type “/imagine” and then click on the box that appears above your text. Then let your imagination run wild and type your prompt!

Of course I had to start where I left off with a Van Gogh version of Nosferatu!

Unfortunately, the initial results I got looked to be Van Gogh himself with a slightly goth vampire look.

You’ll notice that Midjourney generates four images. You can select the buttons below to either upscale the image if you’d like to save it, or create a new set of variations based off of one of the images. You can see above that I selected to upscale image number two, and then create variations of it as well.

The upscaled version of image number two

If any of the above is confusing, you can also see Midjourney’s Quick Start Guide which should answer any questions you might have.

I continued experimenting and ended up at this night scene of Count Orlok strolling down a village street in front of an enormous full moon. It will do for now.

Nosferatu walking village street at night in front of giant moon painted in Van Gogh style - midjourney ai - by M R Kessell
A spooky night scene with a Nosferatu-like figure

You are allowed 25 free uses of the Midjourney Bot to start. After that you will need to subscribe to the service.

I usually consider myself very much a Luddite. However, as an artist, I think if nothing else, this tool can be used for brainstorming new ideas when you’re experiencing a block. It can also be used as a jumping off point for new works.

You can take things further if you are a digital illustrator, as in my video tutorial from last year, in which I used Google’s Chimera Painter, another AI tool, to create a creature and then refine the design and put my own stamp on it.

I am not totally familiar with how the rights work yet, but if you are a subscriber I think you’ll be able to use and manipulate the images however you’d like.

I hope this post is helpful to you, whether you’re a new artist, an experienced artist, or someone who has never even doodled with a pencil! Please let me know how it goes. I’d love to see your results!!! You can find me on IG and Twitter.

Until next time, have some creepy Jack-O’-Lanterns!

May The 4th Be With You!

Star Wars has been a big part of my life, so in the words of my people, may the fourth be with you!

In honor of the day, I’m sharing my short drawing tutorial on how to draw a cute Chewbacca. I hope you dig it and draw some Chewbaccas yourself. And maybe you should also subscribe to my YouTube channel, it’s a blast, I promise.

Draw Chewbacca you will.

I’m sorry but this always makes me laugh.
Play your Wookulele! Get this gif over on GIPHY!

While we’re on the subject, I’d like to share this Hungarian Ska band I discovered, doing a reggae rendition of the Imperial March:

And then there’s this classic from the Clerks soundtrack:

All right, that’s it for me, now go see a Star War.

Cheesy Infomercials & Some New Art

So I needed to make a book trailer for my latest release Batboy & the Art of Self-Sabotage.

I decided on a cheesy approach in the style of all those goofy infomercials I grew up watching in the 80s and 90s.

Long story short, I had way too much fun making this parody infomercial. I hope it makes you guys laugh and you’ll consider checking out my book on Amazon.

“Don’tcha just luv the sunshine?”

In between my video editing and the continuing adventures of Batboy, I’ve tried keeping the creativity flowing with some quick pencil sketches on my Wacom Tablet. Above is some sort of woodland horror and below is some kind of friendly aquatic monstrosity.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you at the moment, you can follow along with new Batboy comics every week on Instagram and Twitter.

And remember, don’t let those pesky vegetables bring you down!

All Hail The Cube!

Hey everybody!

I only have one piece of art to share with you this week, but it’s kind of a doozy.

I wanted to create an epic, science fiction/fantasy style illustration. You know the kind, it’s usually set in a desert landscape, there’s a giant monolith or mystical crystal floating in the center while human figures scurry about in fear or awe.

I inserted a Rubik’s Cube in lieu of an alien spaceship or a cyclopean monolith.

I’m not sure why. Maybe because the solving of this puzzle eludes me. Maybe because it’s a great Hungarian invention and that fills me with pride as a Hungarian-American. Maybe it was just a random thought. That’s probably it.

Take a look below at the finishing touches I put on this digital oil painting.

I’ve also added the above piece and a bunch of other things to my Redbubble shop, see below if you’re interested in prints, magnets, stickers, mugs or various other products.

I think that’s about it for now. I have a few new exciting commissions I am working on and I can hardly wait to share them with you!

Until next time!!

Inking a Sci Fi Illustration and Stuff

It’s a new week and I have a few new items for you.

Their meeting place has to be kept hidden. The robots that stalk the upper surface of the Earth would never understand. The kids would be laser blasted on sight. The kids’ mission? To read and discuss all the classics of human literature. That’s the basic idea behind this illustration that I have tentatively titled “The Book Club.”

Below you can watch as I ink this rough illustration and you can chill out to the hypnotic soundtrack.

Come for the robots, stay for the hypnotic soundtrack.
killer robots stalk the surface while kids meet below ground in a bunker to read and discuss books
The overall work-in-progress.

Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ!

Also this past week I revamped an old design and added to my Amazon T-shirt shop. You might recognize this slightly more macabre version of the grinning face of Tillie, an iconic sight from Asbury Park in the old days.

Click on the shirt to visit my shop or click here!

Asbury Park's Tillie as a skull on a tee shirt.

As a nerdy kid, being not super athletic or interested in super athletes, I kinda felt left out when others showed their support for their football or baseball or hockey teams. Below is a shirt I designed for other nerds like me. People who think they’re funny.

funny blue tee shirt that says "Go local sports team!!!"

groundhog celebrating a birthday with a party hat and a piece of birthday cake

Celebrate a Groundhog Day Birthday with these cards, magnets and mugs from my RedBubble store.

I think that’s about all I have accomplished this past week. I’m trying to keep busy and not let the stress of daily life derail anything.

How about you? Where are you at with your projects? Your goals?

I hope you’re kicking ass!

Until next time.

Happy New Year, I think

Welcome to my first blog post of 2021. How is everybody doing?

I spent the end of 2020 reflecting on some things I had accomplished and other things that fell through the cracks. I thought about my unhealthy relationship with social media and I pretty much avoided it. I needed to relax and recharge a bit. I did some reading, some film marathons, and I ate a lot of shrimp.

I have no regrets.

Feeling a bit uninspired after the break, I decided to mess around with a really neat AI tool from Google called Chimera Painter. I was pretty excited by the results so I made a video lesson on how to create a quick creature design with it and then take it one step beyond and refine the design in Clip Studio Paint.

I’ve also added a new design to my portfolio, as well as my T-shirt store. It’s an idea that hit me way back when I used to ride the crowded New York City subway system.

Green tentacled space alien spreads a jelly made from humans on toast
(That was the shrimp talking)

Follow me on Youtube! I’ve been told my monotonous voice is good if one suffers from insomnia.

Halloween Hijinks in December

It’s been over a month, but I’ve finally gotten around to compiling a video of the fun I had creeping around Brooklyn in my trash wild man costume.

Is that Sasquatch? A living pile of leaves and toilet paper? No, just a creepy wild man.

I’ve been toying with this costume idea for a few years but have never been able to get it together.

wild man creature sitting back in recliner pencil sketch
Ever since I did my sketchbook series of domesticated wild men. Which you can see here.

As with most of my ambitious projects, it was years in the making but then ultimately a spur of the moment, headfirst dive into cardboard, paper and duct tape. Maybe I can do a follow up with a few of the step-by-step progress photos in my messy, cramped apartment.

pagan woman in black with skull in a basket poses with a tall, wild man creature at Halloween 2020 in Brooklyn, NY.
A wild man with his pagan woman.

As you can see, I had way too much fun during this weird, pandemic Halloween of 2020. At least something was kinda normal for once.

Until next time!

Do you know that I tweet about stuff? I think I’m pretty entertaining, you should probably come hang out and say hi. It’s super fun. And if not there, why not check out my YouTube channel?

Making A Horror Comic

I’m very excited to share yet another new project that’s been in the works for a while now. I’ve been tasked with drawing a short horror comic by the hilarious and horrifying writer/comedian, Tim Vargulish.

In this latest video I give a little sneak peek of a rough comic book page, the process of setting up a comic page using Clip Studio Paint (which is a breeze, btw) and drawing a finished panel.

If you’re interested in drawing comics yourself, I highly recommend this software.

Aside from that, I’m jazzed to have illustrated the cover for Krampus Tales: A Killer Anthology, which will be available on November 24th! Check it out and maybe get yourself a copy.

Krampus creature steps out of doorway into a dark snowy night with basket on his back.

I’ve also just realized that I haven’t shared anything about my Halloween this year. Despite the nearly apocalyptic conditions, we did enjoy the holiday. I’ll cover it in more detail in my next blog post.

By the way, are you on Twitter? Why not join me for some laughs and whatnot.

Until next time!

Anxiety Drawings and Desktop Shredders

A maccabre pencil illustration of a man without a head but instead a large gritty, speckled black hole near the top of his torso.

Hey everybody!

I’m still plugging along. Some days my stress and anxiety get out of hand. Other days I channel it into art. See above.

An artist friend recently suggested that I try it. I think I always have done that to some extent, especially when it comes to my darker and more macabre pieces. But in the past few weeks I’ve made a more conscious effort to try it.

A sad, tired face wearing a mask to protect against COVID-19 infection.


from the year


How about you? How do you deal with stress and anxiety?

Another pursuit of mine is music. Lately I’ve enjoyed putting together some playlists on Spotify. Check out this one below that I call “Unknown Originals.” Famous songs performed by the original artists that you might not have ever heard before.

And finally, below is something I dug up in my archives from 2009. I recently revamped, polished up and uploaded to YouTube. It’s short and amusing and ridiculous and I had way too much fun working on it. Enjoy!