May The 4th Be With You!

Star Wars has been a big part of my life, so in the words of my people, may the fourth be with you!

In honor of the day, I’m sharing my short drawing tutorial on how to draw a cute Chewbacca. I hope you dig it and draw some Chewbaccas yourself. And maybe you should also subscribe to my YouTube channel, it’s a blast, I promise.

Draw Chewbacca you will.

I’m sorry but this always makes me laugh.
Play your Wookulele! Get this gif over on GIPHY!

While we’re on the subject, I’d like to share this Hungarian Ska band I discovered, doing a reggae rendition of the Imperial March:

And then there’s this classic from the Clerks soundtrack:

All right, that’s it for me, now go see a Star War.


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