M. R. Kessell started out as a punk kid, playing punk music, in punk bands, in his home state of New Jersey. He has always enjoyed listening to a wide range of music, and these days he writes and records more than just punk rock. But not to worry, he still has a major problem with authority figures and his DIY attitude can’t be stopped no matter how quixotic the endeavor.

He is a multi-instrumentalist, with the bulk of his recordings being behind the drum kit as shown to the left. Below is just a sampling of his former bands.





Cavallo is a heavy, instrumental, post rock band from Brooklyn. They still play and record, you should check them out live and buy their records.







Dread Fabrik was one of those local punk bands from New Brunswick, NJ that really made an impression on a certain young someone. He was pleased as punch to join them years later and record this album.