I think, therefore Cthulhu

This is what happens after I visit the Rodin Museum in Paris.

This Lovecraft/Rodin mashup is is made from polymer clay.

Check out my Instagram account for the step-by-step process that went into making this sculpture.

The Return of Pumpkinspice

a pumpkin-headed monster called Pumpkinspice appears in the woods and sprinkles his orange spice mixture over an arrangement of pastries, cookies, and coffee in this ink and watercolor artwork

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the coffee shop...Pumpkinspice returns!

I had been mulling over this idea for quite a few years(Get it? Mulling?) Inspired as a child by the insane Stan Winston creature feature Pumpkinhead and annoyed with the recurring Fall marketing trend of pumpkin spice flavored everything, I created this illustration.

This is a monochrome ink and watercolor illustration that has been digitally colored.

This original Return of Pumpkinspice artwork is available here in my shop at red bubble .

Also available as a T-Shirt from my Amazon shop.

Amazing (Reverse) X-Ray Specs!

1950s comic book ad parody. Kid's skull is visible through a pair of amazing reverse x-ray glasses.

I recently purchased a new pair of glasses, not as cool as the ones shown above, but still pretty rad.

This digital illustration was inspired by all the ridiculous mail order items I’ve found in my old comic book collection. You can find this design on various items in my redbubble shop!

Kaiju Vs Bob Ross Sunrise

Large Kaiju Insect Monster invades Bob Ross Style Wooded Sun Rise Landscape

This digital piece began as an oil paint landscape inspired by one of my favorite artists, Bob Ross.

To distract everyone from the fact that I am not nearly as good as Bob Ross, I decided to jazz it up with a giant Kaiju monster.